500th Anniversary Commemoration with the Club de Miami in Madrid


In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Discovery of Florida by Ponce de León, the Foundation collaborated with the Club de Miami in Madrid for the celebration of its first Anniversary. This event was headed by the Honorary Chairman of the Club de Miami in Madrid, Ambassador Antonio Oyarzabal, who introduced the main speaker for the evening, Antonio Garrigues Walker.

In his address, Mr. Walker pointed out the direction to take in the relationship with the United States, especially within the context of such an important event in history as that of Ponce de León. Similarly, he also put forth the need of overcoming the lack of awareness on the part of the people both of Spain and the United States, at to their shared History, stressing that this knowledge must be fundamental, not only for reasons of legacy and heritage, but also because it has a clear economic repercussion. In turn, the Secretary General of the Foundation stated his complete agreement with this point and also touched upon the economic aspect, underlining the importance of Spanish investments in the United States.