Connecting US


Connecting US gives Fundación Consejo España - EE.UU.’s community members in the United States a voice on the impact of COVID-19 in their personal and professional life and as well as their prospects on economic and social recovery.

Through this project, the Fundación aims to strengthen its relationship with its wide community in the United States, shaped over more than twenty years developing joint initiatives with its sister organization, the United States – Spain Council. The project will mainly focus on former participants in the Young Leaders Program, the Fellowship Program in Spanish Companies and the Congressional Visitors Program.

Connecting US also provides the Fundación’s audiences with self-recorded testimonies about daily life concerns, expectations, hopes, proposals and initiatives that will help us understand how the American civil society in general, and Fundación’s com-munity members in particular, are facing this worldwide health threat.

Connecting US #1
Denisse Hudock, an architect living in Austin, Texas and former participant in the 2019 edition of the "Young Leaders Program", talks in this first episode about her personal experience during the last five months and shares her concern about the great uncertainty that both families and the educative community face just a few days before the beginning of the academic year.

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