WATKINS, US landscape at Sorolla’s Photography Collection

04/27/2017 to 07/20/2017

This exhibition shows 33 photographs by Carleton Watkins (1829-1916), a North American photographer specialized in nature and landscape that belong to the Sorolla Museum Collection. The founder of the Hispanic Society of America, Acher Milton Huntington, gifted Joaquín Sorolla these photographs.

Among Watkins Works, the ones devoted to Yosemite National Park are of great interest. They are part of governmental and private campaigns led to better now the West Coast of the United States right after the Civil War. Therefore, they have an important documentary value.

These unreleased photographs showcase the Sorolla Museum’s collection and will attract interest from both experts and amateurs. Besides, this exhibition contributes to highlight the cultural links between Spain and the United States and the important role played by the Hispanic Society of America.

The exhibition is organized by the Museo Sorolla, the Casa de América and the Fundación.It is presented within PhotoEspaña 2017 program.

Opening times: Monday-Friday: from 11.00 am to 7.30 pm. Saturday: from 11.00 am to a 3.00 pm.
Closed: Sundays and Festivities.