Working breakfast with Rolando B. Pablos and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


The Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU. organized a working breakfast for its members and Rolando B. Pablos, Secretary of State, Texas, accompanied by a delegation of 21 representatives of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber Commerce, the Council and the Tricentennial Commission.

This meeting, conducted by the Secretary General of the Fundación, Manuel Mª Lejarreta, took place at Embajadores Room at Casa de América (Madrid) on July 21th. The Secretary General conveyed a warm greeting from the Chairman Mr. Entrecanales, who was unable to attend, to the attendees.

The Director General of Casa de América, Santiago Miralles welcomed the attendees. After that, Mr. Lejarreta opened the breakfast with his remarks on the bilateral relation between Spain and Texas and San Antonio, as well as introduced the Fundación to Rolando B. Pablos and the delegates. He stressed the need for strengthening the ties between Spain and Texas, highlighting the shared history.

He passed the floor to the Secretary of State Rolando B. Pablos, who explained the audience the bonds between Spain and Texas. He encouraged the Spanish companies to keep doing business in Texas. He also remarked the historic links between Texas and Spain and the Hispanic Community; the Hispanics represent the 40% of the population of the State of Texas.

Francisco Javier Garzón, ICEX’s Chief Executive Officer, concludes the formal speeches analyzing the excellent opportunities that Spain offers to the US businesses, as member of the EU and thanks also to its strategic relation with Latin America, North Africa and Middle East. He also emphasized the leader role of the Spanish companies in fields such as banking, renewables and infrastructures.

Finally, the floor was opened for comments and questions from the attendees. It was quite significant the positive point of view of the Chairman of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which is the oldest in the EE.UU. with 88 years of continuous activity.