VII Bernardo de Gálvez Award: Tim Kaine

Friday, September 22, 2017 - 13:00

On September 22, the Chairman of the Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU., José Manuel Entrecanales, handed over the VII Bernardo de Gálvez Award to Senator Tim Kaine and he also delivered the laudatio to the award-winning. Opening remarks were presented by the Secretary General of the Fundación, Manuel Mª Lejarreta.

The ceremony took place in Williamsburg, Virginia, within the framework of the XXII Spain – United States Forum that the Fundación organizes yearly with its counterpart, the United States – Spain Council.

The Fundación recognized with this award the excellent work carried out by Senator Kaine as Honorary Chairman of the United States – Spain Council where he has led, for almost five years, many joint initiatives apart from two successful forums in the United States, in St. Augustine (2015) and Williamsburg (2017). Additionally, throughout his long career as a politician, in which he has held relevant positions –he was candidate to the Vice Presidency of the United States-, he has been focused on the Hispanic community, with which he has successfully weaved a deep bond of credibility and respect. Senator Kaine has proven to be a strong advocate of the Spanish heritage recovery in the history of the US by highlighting this recognition in many public interventions. His own personal experience in his early youth days has contributed significantly to strengthen these ties with Spain, an experience that he has transferred in an exemplary manner to his professional career.