US ELECTION 2020: Perspectives and the Democrats' Agenda

10/07/2020 - 12:30

On November 3, the most unusual election in recent decades will take place in the United States, marked by the COVID-19 crisis. Beyond the debate generated around the management of the pandemic and its impact on the national economy, many flashpoints may influence the electoral outcome, such as structural racism and police violence, the migration issue and the environmental alert caused after the devastating fires that have severely affected some states in the West coast.

Due to the great significance of this election –not only at a domestic level but also within the international context, and specially for the European Union and Spain, traditional allies and partners of Washington—Fundación Alternativas and Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU. jointly organize next Wednesday, October 7 the webinar “US Election 2020: Perspectives and the Democrats’ Agenda”. The event will feature the renowned political analyst David Wasserman and the activist Roger Hickey. Based in Washington D.C., both experts will help us dissect the main keys of an electoral campaign focused on the digital sphere through a detailed analysis of the polls and the electoral trends, the ongoing debates and the Democrats’ agenda as an alternative to the current Administration.

US ELECTION 2020: Perspectives and the Democrats’ Agenda

Wednesday, October 7. 12:30 CET (Madrid) / 6.30 am (Washington, DC)

Presented by:
Manuel Mª Lejarreta, Secretary General, Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU.

David Wasserman, US House Editor, The Cook Political Report
Roger Hickey, Codirector, Institute for America's Future

Moderated by:
Vicente Palacio, Director del Observatorio de Política Exterior, Fundación Alternativas

The webinar will be broadcasted live simultaneously via Zoom and YouTube and the conversation can be followed in Twitter through the hashtag #USElectionPerspectives