Letter from the Chairman of the Board

Welcome to the website of the Fundación Consejo España-Estados Unidos, an institution created in 1997 to promote cooperation between Spain and the US in commercial, business, scientific, and cultural affairs. It also aims at improving the mutual understanding and reciprocal image of both societies, sharing all these goals with our counterpart organization, the US- Spain Council, currently chaired by Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

The Foundation, which has the invaluable support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, is a private foundation governed by a board that gathers representatives of the public administration, political arena, academia, cultural entities and a number of large Spanish companies, reflecting the high level exchanges between the two countries.

Economic ties between the U.S. and Spain have intensified in the last five years: bilateral trade in goods has significantly increased, reaching €21 billion in 2014. Growth of Spanish exports is 22.6 per cent, which makes the United States the sixth host country of the Spanish exports. The U.S. remains one of the largest foreign investors in Spain, with 2014 net flows over 1.000 million dollars. Spanish foreign direct investment flows toward the U.S. have risen even more toward 2.780 million euros in 2014: the highest result since 2011. Besides that, there is an ascending number of Spanish companies doing business with the U.S., as well as there are 725 Spanish companies operating on the U.S. market.

The relationship between both countries is reflected in the annual Spain-US forums organized by the Fundación and the US-Spain Council, where relevant topics in the areas of trade, defense, technology, infrastructure, energy or the role of Spain in the EU are discussed.

Yet there is ample scope for further enriching that relationship. The current situation underscores the need to expand economic, strategic and cultural ties beyond the European Union and, in particular, with the US. In this context, the mission of the Foundation gains importance, establishing itself as a privileged platform to facilitate dialogue and build bridges between companies, organizations and institutions on both sides of the Atlantic.

The relationship between our countries is not limited to business. We all know the large number of Spanish students that earn their degree in large American universities, but perhaps not everyone knows that Spain is the third largest destination for young American students abroad, after the United Kingdom and Italy, attracting more of them every year. In turn, the contributions in art, science and technology are reaching exceptional levels that the Foundation aims to project through programs such as the visit of young American leaders.

Another priority line of work for the Fundación is the study and dissemination of our common historical legacy through various seminars, exhibitions and publications. The relationship between the two countries can be traced back to the Independence and foundation of the United States of America providing a unique common past that deserves to be appreciated.

I invite you to explore our site and to learn more about the programs and activities of the Fundación Consejo España-Estados Unidos as well as to contact us to clarify doubts or make suggestions about our activities. Thank you very much.

José Manuel Entrecanales
Fundación Consejo España-Estados Unidos.