“Among Invisibles”, a chain of solidarity between confined exhibitions


The spirit of cooperation and solidarity that radiates from the exhibition Invisible Emigrants. Spaniards in the US (1868-1945), opened on January 22 at Sala Sur of Conde Duque Cultural Center (Madrid) and closed to the public since March 11, has encouraged the Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU. to promote the campaign “Among Invisibles”, an initiative that aims to raise awareness through the social networks of the reality of all those exhibitions that remain closed due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

The campaign’s purpose is to build a chain of solidarity between “confined” exhibitions that operates as an amplifier, paying special attention to those permanent or temporary exhibits without a digital option, and generates actions focused on maintaining the visitors’ interest and on promoting their attendance after the reopening of the exhibitions spaces whenever it takes place.

This initiative also aims to generate an optimistic climate in these times of uncertainty that boosts cooperation between cultural institutions through their exhibits and values the cultural sector’s unity. In addition, in these exceptional circumstances it is proved to be even more necessary to approach culture and citizenship through digital tools that enable an exchange of knowledge and make all the different proposals developed as an alternative to the on-site experience known. Furthermore, it is essential to preserve visitor’s attendance to museums and exhibitions as a basic part of the cultural agenda once the so-called “new normality” is reached.

How can I participate in the chain of solidarity?

All cultural institutions that host an exhibition of any kind and theme, such as museums, art galleries, non-profits, cultural centers, libraries, associations, universities, etc., working on the national, regional or local sphere, that want to join this campaign only have to post on their social profiles a relevant aspect of their exhibit --or exhibits-- currently closed to the public, nominating in the same post other three “confined” exhibitions to continue the chain of solidarity. These three nominated projects would have to continue the chain, getting to know themselves and nominating three new proposals, always including the hashtag #AmongInvisibles.

This initiative is also opened to the participation of all citizens, so any person or collective that want to recognize, promote or recommend a confined exhibition project of interest is invited to start a chain of solidarity following the instructions explained above.