Conference "Puerto Rico into crisis: what happened there?"


On October 10, Casa de América hold the conference “Puerto Rico into crisis: what happened there?”, given by the Puerto Rican writer, musician and journalist Silverio Pérez on the occasion of the relaunch of the Casa de Puerto Rico in Spain (CAPRE, abbreviation in Spanish). In his speech, Pérez analyzed the administrative situation in Puerto Rico and its particular relationship with the United States, going over the political, economic and environmental circumstances that have caused various situations of latent or manifest crisis in the island throughout the 20th Century that culminated in the demonstrations called during the summer of 2019.

The attendees were welcomed by the Director of Casa de América, Antonio Pérez Hernández, and the Secretary General of the Fundación Consejo España-EE.UU., Manuel Mª Lejarreta, who reaffirmed the support of the Fundación to the Casa de Puerto Rico in this new stage and congratulated its Chairman, Rafael Pérez Colón, for his efforts in the relaunch of the institution, which was founded in Madrid in May, 1959.

Link to the full video of the conference.