Presentation of issue number 23 of Tribuna Norteamericana. "Corporate Social Responsibility”


On March 28, it was held at Casa de América the last release of Tribuna Norteamerica magazine, edited by the Instituto Franklin-UAH and sponsored by the Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU. The 23rd edition was dedicated to the Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mr. Manuel Lejarreta, Secretary General of the Fundación, offered a welcoming address in which, appealing to his extensive experience as a diplomat, recalled the importance of knowing and respecting the culture of those societies in which one aims to carry out new ventures if one wishes to be successful.

On the occasion of this presentation, a roundtable discussion was organized (by the Instituto) with the participation of Mercedes Temboury, Treasurer of the UNICEF Spanish Committee; Julia Sánchez Abeal, Director General of the Albéniz Foundation and the Reina Sofía Music School; Adrián García-Aranyos, CEO of the Endeavor Foundation Spain and Javier Iturralde de Bracamonte, Co-founder and CEO of marketing consultancy Visioner Consulting. The moderator was José Antonio Gurpegui, editor of the Tribuna Norteamerica magazine. The interesting exchange of reflections between the speakers brought a collation of examples of Spanish companies that have been successfully settled in the US. At the same time,the participants reinforced the idea that good governance, both in institutions and in private companies, is a task that does not end and that efforts and resources must been devoted on a permanent basis.