Seminar “Digital Disruption: Business Redefinition and Social Transformation. Trends in Spain and the US"


The Fundación Consejo España - EE. UU., in collaboration with Uría Menéndez, organized on October 23 a seminar on the phenomenon of digitalization and the impact on business, society and public policy, with specific attention to the different trends in Spain and the US.

In the last two decades, users have massively accepted the advantages from new technologies, a phenomenon that has driven companies and governments to assume the challenge to integrate this new reality that affects every social and economic process. Against this revolution, which opens the door to the future, the objective of this seminar was to analyze the irreversible process of digital disruption in both societies from different perspectives.

The first panel dealt with the way in which the application of new technologies such as big d em> ata and IoT em> is affecting the activity of companies and banks, obliged to adopt new business models to be competitive. In addition, the experts addressed the regulatory framework that affects these new practices. The axis around wich the second panel was focused were the future of workplaces and labour force with the corresponding evolution on professional training. Finally, after the intervention of the Secretary of State for Information and Digital Agenda, José Mª Lassalle, the third panel focused on the impact of digital transformation in the public sector and new ways of interaction between administrations and citizens, which also points to new forms of government and diplomacy.