Seminar "The 'Guernica' as cultural bridge between Spain and the U.S."


Last July 5, Cervantes Institute’s headquarters in Madrid held the seminar “The Guernica as cultural bridge between Spain and the U.S.”, organized by the Fundación and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Panelists were Juan Manuel Bonet, Director of Instituto Cervantes, Paul Julian Smith, Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York, Cristóbal Marín Tovar and Jorge Latorre, both Professors at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Rosario Peiró, Director of Collections at Museo Reina Sofía, Genoveva Tusell, Professor at UNED and Judith Torrea, reporter in Ciudad Juárez. At the end of the seminar all participants were guided in a special visit to the painting at the Museo Reina Sofia.

All panelists offered the audience in their different fields of investigation a very interesting overview that helped us to understand the actual meaning of this masterpiece by Picasso around the world, transmitting the idea of the painting as a cultural bridge which connects both countries and nourishes from different perspectives and points of views, from History and International Relations to contemporary visual culture. In words of the Academic Director, Professor Jorge Latorre, “the Guernica stands as a universal symbol of reconciliation beyond any war”.