Visit of Janet Murguía, President & CEO of UnidosUS

06/24/2019 to 06/26/2019

Janet Murguía, President & CEO of UnidosUS visited Madrid between June 24th and 26th, 2019.

As one of the most influential voices of the Latino community, Murguia has sought since 2005, to strengthen UnidosUS’s work and enhance its record of impact as a vital American institution, as the largest the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. She has also work to amplify the Latino voice on issues affecting the Hispanic community such as education, health care, immigration, civil rights, and the economy.

The intense agenda included breakfast meeting with experts researchers at the Real Instiuto Elcano, breakfast with our board members, and meeting with important institutions such as Instituto Cervantes, la Consejería de educación de la Comunidad de Madrid, El Foro de Integración de Inmigrantes, and Instituto de la Mujer. Janet Murguia was able to deepen her knowledge of Spain and the actual programs taking place in the field of education, migrant integration and women equality and compare them with the initiatives put in place by UnidosUS.

During the visit Janet Murguia also had the chance to meet business representatives like Banco Santander and the members of Gender Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Spain, giving her a total overview of the current issues faced by Spain and the opportunity to define common alliances.

The agenda also included an event open to the public, organized by the Fundación Consejo España- EE.UU and the IE School of Public Affairs where Janet Murguia and the attendees had the chance to analyze the present and future of the Hispanic Community and the Challenge of education.

Watch the full interview in YouTube.