Opening ceremony of the Alianza de Contratistas Comerciales Hispanos

The Fundación kept supporting the program of the Hispanic Leaders Association (Asociación de Líderes Hispanos) in 2016, which is based in Washington DC. This sponsorship and collaboration took shape in the opening ceremony of the Alianza de Contratistas Comerciales Hispanos on December 5. With this event the Alianza wanted to promote not only its recent creation, but also to serve as platform of support between peers.

The event was a great opportunity to present the Fundación Consejo España – EE.UU. and the Hispanic Leaders Association to a great amount of Hispanic small business owners. This ceremony also implied an opportunity of networking for the Association and those interested in major issues affecting the Hispanic community.

The founders of the Alianza, Verónica Cool, from Cool & Associates and former participant of the Hispanic Leaders program, and Karen Barbour and Vanessa López, both from The Barbour Group, stated that the Hispanic businesses setting up is growing up to 15 times greater than the national average. However, these businesses are still smaller and with less incomes and employees than the average. The lack of access to resources and to a strong business network seems to be the main reason that explains these results. Furthermore, the major purpose of the Alianza is to foster the growth and networking of these Hispanic entrepreneurs thanks to education and professional training.

Apart from the founders of the Alianza, there were other VIP people who took the floor: the Deputy Secretary of Maryland, Luis Borunda, the Regional Manager of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Stephen Umberger, and the Howard Councilman, Dr. Calvin Ball. The latest stressed the importance of counting with the government support to promote small businesses, especially the Hispanic ones.