Escribano Mechanical & Engineering

Private Sector

Escribano Mechanical and Engineering is a national company of family origin, a leader in technology and innovation, which designs and manufactures complex defense systems in its facilities in Madrid. With a clear commitment to training and innovation, EM&E works with leading educational institutions and vocational training centres by providing stable and highly skilled jobs. Vocation for innovation and the development of new technologies has been the engine for continuous growth based on the improvement of facilities, expansion of production capacity, the search for new technologies and investment in human capital.

Today, EM&E is an international reference in complex defence systems, ranging from stabilized platforms, such as electro-optical systems to turrets for land, naval and air applications.

EM&E has high mechanical, electronic and optical manufacturing capabilities, as well as an extense, highly qualifed, engineering department, allowing complete adaptation of its systems to customer needs.

The members of the board are Ángel Escribano, CEO, and Javier Escribano, Chairman.