Private Sector

MONDRAGON Corporation is the embodiment of the co-operative movement that began in 1956, the year that witnessed the creation of the first industrial cooperative in Mondragón, in the province of Gipuzkoa; its business philosophy is contained in its Corporate Values:

• Cooperation.
• Participation.
• Social Responsibility.
• Innovation.

The Corporation’s Mission combines the core goals of a business organization competing on international markets with the use of democratic methods in its business organization, the creation of jobs, the human and professional development of its workers and a pledge to development with its social environment.
In terms of organization, it is divided into four areas: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge.

We are the leading Business Group in the Basque Country and tenth in the ranking of top Spanish companies.

MONDRAGON is made of more than 100 autonomous and independent cooperatives, with 140 production plants in 5 continents and 7 Corporate Delegations worldwide.

The board member is Oskar Goitia, President of Mondragón Internacional.