Mr. Álvaro de la Haza

Private Sector

Alvaro de la Haza received his Law Degree with honors at the University ICADE. He started his professional career at Garrigues, the largest Spanish law firm. He moved to Cosentino in 2004 and he is still a member of the Executive Team.

In his 11 years with Cosentino together with an excellent group of managers have grown the business figures from 250 to aprox 700 million euros. During his first years at Cosentino, Alvaro decided to study a Professional MBA at Instituto de Empresa. Today, Alvaro is de Company Secretary, General Counsel of the Board and also the VP of Cosentino USA (which represents almost 60% of the total revenue of Cosentino). Additionally, he is the Family Officer at Surister with 150 millon euros in different assets, both financial and real estate. Alvaro has ample experience in professional and business associations.

Today he is VP at the ASTA Worlwide, the global association for the agglomerated stone industry. He is VP at ASEMPAL, the Business Association in Almeria, Spain, where Alvaro is based. He is a regular contributor to pro-bono activities: Secretary at Fundación Eduarda Justo, lecturer in different universities and Masters. Recently, he was appointed member of the Executive Committee for the Future of Andalucia, created by the Junta de Andalucia and the European Commission.