Mr. Manuel Mª Lejarreta

Secretary General

Manuel Mª Lejarreta is Secretary General of the Fundación Consejo España - Estados Unidos.
Born in Vitoria, capital of the Basque Country, on April 23, 1960
Studied at the Colegio Santa María del Pilar (Marianistas de Vitoria)
Law degree from the Universidad de Navarra; began diplomatic career in 1987

Foreign positions held:

• Secretary and then Deputy Head of the Embassy of Spain in Malabo (Ecuatorial Guinea)
• Secretary of the Embassy of Spain in Santiago, Chile
• Deputy Head of the Embassy of Spain in Jakarta
• Political Counselor of the Embassy of Spain in Buenos Aires

His last position in Madrid was as Deputy Director General of the countries of Mercosur and Chile (2006-2011), having previously served as Deputy Director General for continental Asia. Elected Vice President of the Asociación de Diplomáticos Españoles (The Association of Spanish Diplomats), a position held from 2008-2009

Designated as Ambassador of Spain in Guatemala in July 2011, beginning service on September 26th of that year, and finishing on August 18th, 2015. . During the same period, 2011-2015, served as Ambassador of Spain in the republic of Belize, with residence in Guatemala