Mr. Rodrigo Echenique Gordillo


Executive Vice-President of Banco Santander, Chair of the Board of Directors of Metrovacesa and Non-Executive Board Member of Inditex.

Law degree from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid; Government lawyer on leave of absence.

Mr. Echenique began his professional career in 1973 and held several positions in public administration. In 1976 he joined the Banco Exterior de España as Assistant General Manager and Head of Legal Services. Later he was appointed Deputy General Manager and member of the Executive Commission.

Since 1984 he has held several positions within Santander Group. Between October 1988 and September 1994 he joined the Board of Directors as CEO.

Since then, he is a member of Banco Santander's Board of Directors and Executive Commission. He has also held the position of Vice-Chairman of Banco Banif and Chairman of Allfunds Banks. He is currently the Chairman of Santander Spain, board member of Banco Santander Mexico and member of the Risks Executive Committee.

He has also played multiple roles in the Board of Directors of several industrial and financial companies: NH Hotel Group, Vocento, Vallehermoso, Ebro Azúcares y Alcoholes, Industrias Agrícolas, SABA, Lar, Accenture, Lucent Technologies, Quercus and Agrolimen and other non-profit organisations.

He is a trustee and member of the board of several foundations.

Lastly, he has spoken in countless seminars and conferences about financial and legal topics and written several publications on these themes.